The Blueprints Club (TBC) is a joint initiative by VS Prudence Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and VIT-Technology Business Incubator with an aim to reach out to students in the country and help them develop their ideas in to startups.


This initiative will act as a beacon for you to achieve your dreams and what you believe in. Having weekly meetings is nothing but enabling you to reach out to what you believe in and so, it is now up to you to reach your goals.

The entities involved:

Prudence Advisors is an advisory, mentoring and consultancy firm involved in the development of startup businesses for the past 8 years. The company helps entrepreneurs, guides them and mentors them with an aim to turn them into profitable and self-sustainable businesses. Prudence provides a whole array of startup services including fundraising and has worked with over a 100 startups till date.

"VIT - Technology Business Incubator - VIT Technology Business Incubator (VIT-TBI) is a joint initiative between VIT University and Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. VITTBI to assist budding entrepreneurs by providing incubation support to their start-up ventures.

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For those students, who are still not clear about what a startup entails and what they might have do so to get a startup up and running; but are nevertheless interested in starting up; we bring Runway. Through interactive group sessions we will look at answering the basic questions that exist in your minds and bring clarity about the startups.


For those students who have figured out that they wish to do something by themselves and need to take the next step from the prototypes/models that they may have already built, we offer guidance in terms of developing a business model around the product that they have already developed. These sessions will have a more focused and result oriented agenda.

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When certain teams are well on the way to becoming startups, there might be specific problems that need to be addressed or better understood in order to direct the work in a more focused manner. To such teams we provide one-on-one mentoring in order to help them better shape themselves. Mentoring sessions can be conducted at TBI or over Google Hangout.

How We Do It


Meetups are socio-formal events with an aim to discuss a particular topic relevant to the interests of everyone in the group.


With experienced stalwarts from the industry, professional mentoring sessions will be aimed at addressing individual goals and to provide guidance on how to achieve them realistically.

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Socials are an opportunity to interact with likeminded and the not so like minded people and expand your thinking process. You get to interact with your peers and improve your networking skills.


Every entrepreneur has to face the real world someday. Competitions organized at regular intervals will help keep your skills polished and your minds sharp.

Our Meetups

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